National organisation of SHARKPROJECT Switzerland, with headquarters near Zurich

SHARKPROJECT Switzerland Association

We in Switzerland also have to be tough and fight for the shark and the sea!

Even in landlocked Switzerland, we can do something for the sharks and the sea! Most of the work is indirect, but it ultimately benefits the shark and the sea. We often still hear about "man-eater" or "the shark is dangerous, I would be afraid to meet one". These statements come from ignorance. That is why education is important to us, first and foremost!

We at Sharkproject Switzerland offer lectures for schools, clubs, at corporate events or for companies and groups. Topics can be:

  • Biology of the shark with its fascinating senses
  • behaviour when diving with sharks and
  • the abuses in the oceans and why the shark is so important
  • why the shark is so important in the ecosystem and more, depending on your wishes and requests.

You can write to us and arrange for us to give talks.

We are always looking for active support, because our motto is: EVERYONE can help! You are welcome to contact us and inform yourself.

If you would like to become a member, you can join for 50.- Fr/year. There is a General Assembly (GA) once a year, which is announced in good time with a "save the date". Two weeks before the AGM you will receive all the necessary documents. You will automatically be registered for the newsletter, where you can read about all our events. In addition, a shark will be introduced in the newsletter.

If you only want to be a "silent helper", then donations or sponsorships are of course also very welcome.

For us it is important to mention: We are ALL working on a voluntary basis and are proud of it!
In the name of the sharks, we from Sharkproject Switzerland say "Thank you! For trusting our work and supporting us, no matter how!"

Sharkproject Switzerland

CH 8000 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 586 86 44

CHF - Swiss Franc
IBAN: CH33 0900 0000 8547 9886 0

Board Switzerland

National Chairperson: Anke Apelt
National Chairperson Deputy:
Board Member: René Näf
Board Member: Andreas Schwitter
Board Member: Luana Chryssolouris
Board Member: Roger Bischof

The board as well as all volunteers work on a voluntary basis and are committed to the targeted use of all donations for the protection of sharks and the marine ecosystem. Thank you for your support!

Migros Cumulus points in favour of Sharkproject Switzerland

Donate your points to Sharkproject Switzerland. With the Cumulus vouchers we can buy office supplies, equipment or food for our helpers at trade fairs.

And this is how it works:

  • If you do not yet have a Migros customer account, create one at, "My Migros" and "Log in".
  • Connect your Cumulus account to your Migros customer account by entering your personal Cumulus participant number and the initial password, which you will find on your Cumulus points statement.
  • If you do not have a statement at hand, you can alternatively click on "Forgotten password" and then set a new password.
  • Select the blue tile "Cumulus" in the main view and click on the blue tile "Donate points" in the overview
  • Enter the Cumulus participant number of SHARKPROJECT Switzerland 2099 553 993 257 as the "new beneficiary" and click on "Save".
  • Done! From now on, your points will be automatically transferred to our Cumulus account with each billing period until further notice.

Do you have any questions?

You may find the answer at Migros. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at switzerland[at]

On behalf of the sharks: Thank you very much for your valuable support!

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