Protecting sharks as Sharkproject's first mission


We initiate and implement measures that serve the protection of sharks and their habitat. We draw attention to abuses and try to eliminate them from the world.

Here you can find all our conservation projects.

Campaigns & Projects to conservate sharks

Mission William

Whale shark tagging on a grand scale

Eggs in the Depths

Saving cat shark eggs together with Diving Rovinj

Great White Mystery

Migration, Family Ties and Protection – Unravelling the Secret Life of Great White Sharks

White Shark Chase

White Shark Chase An international collaboration to find and protect the last remaining white sharks of the Mediterranean Sea.

SharkSafe Barrier

Research on artificial kelp for shark and human protection

Leucism blacktip reefsharks

Research on pigment disorder in blacktip reef sharks and its impact on the local population

Blue savannah

A marine protected area for the giants of our ocean

Angola Elasmo Project

The first project to understand and protect elasmobranch biodiversity in Angola’s coastal waters.

Future of Curacao

Using fishers’ knowledge to protect sharks: Exploring the current and historical shark population in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean


Campaign against the trade in shark products


Current and past campaigns around the topic FINNING

Shark Award

Sharkproject Umwelt-Award: SharkGuardian & SharkEnemy of the Year

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