The Sharkproject ambassadors in the countries of the world


Sharkproject is represented by national organizations (associations) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, we are represented by Sharkproject embassies in other countries.

Sharkproject embassies are not yet independent country organizations, but committed shark conservationists who support the missions, projects and campaigns of Sharkproject in their country. The advantages are obvious. We are on the spot with our own representatives and get time-delayed and unfiltered information about events and challenges in the countries.

We have an embassy in the following countries:

  • Angola
  • Mexico
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic

Your chance to participate

Is your country not yet represented? Apply to become a Sharkproject Ambassador in your country and join the Sharkproject family. Or help the ambassador in your country to build an even bigger Sharkproject organization to do more for sharks in your country.

You have the connections in your country, know your culture and speak the local language. We offer an international network, experience and financial means to realize projects in your country. Are you interested in protecting sharks in your country? Get in touch with us today.