SHARKPROJECT is an organisation dedicated to the protection of sharks and, in accordance with the articles of association, acts in the interests of the more than 500 species of sharks and their environment, the marine ecosystem.

Formed in 2002 SHARKPROJECT has grown into one of the largest and most effective organisations in the world.

SHARKPROJECT is looking for ways to reach out to the public. Widespread press work throughout all sectors of the media enable us to reach millions of people with our message. We also actively present extensive school programs which incorporate learning materials and speakers, as well as participation in trade fairs, lectures and more

IUCN Member | Logo (c) IUCN

IUCN Member | Logo (c) IUCN

The SHARKPROJECT Active Team operates internationally from Costa Rica to Spain. There are, in addition, the national campaigns run by the three national sections in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

SHARKPROJECT has been a full member of the IUCN since 2016.




SHARKPROJECT International is, as the umbrella organisation, responsible for conceptualising, coordinating and carrying out of SHARKPROJECTS global campaigns and activities. In Switzerland, the seat of the organisation, we are a recognised charitable organisation.



Millions of years have passed since the greater part of Austria was covered by the ocean. Today the world’s beaches are as distant as the Austrians concerns about our largest food reservoir, the ocean, and its top predator, the shark.



The national organisation, SHARKPROJECT Germany e.V. was formed as a registered association in September 2008, exactly 6 years after SHARKPROJECT began. Our focus lies in taking international activities and implementing them in local campaigns and actions.



SHARKPROJECT SWITZERLAND has been active throughout Switzerland, promoting the protection of sharks and the world’s oceans since 2006. Our team started off small, reorganised in 2014 and is now busy seeking active members for support as it goes from strength to strength.



It´s time for Europe to act!
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Current Campaigns

Aktuelle Kampagnen

STOP Finning

Stop Finning – Stop the trade!
It´s time for Europe to act!

Region: Global
Verantwortlich: International
Campaign begin: January, 2005
Campaign-Update: Sharkfin trade in Europe, August, 2019
Campaign: Against the severing of fins from live sharks/Sharkfin trade




The awareness campaign was launched in March 2014. We run regular advertisements throughout the year in two of the island’s newspapers. Both are in Portuguese and inform the local inhabitants of the fact that the Portuguese and Spanish fishing fleets catch over 60 000 tonnes of blue and mako sharks in the North Atlantic every year.

Region: Europe
Organiser: Germany
Project start: March, 2014
Awareness Campaign: Azores

Update: August, 2019
Open Letter (English)

Carta aberta para o Presidente do Governo Regional dos Açores (Portuguese)

Open Petition


Sustainable fishing as active marine conservation

A growing number of organisations are also joining this call and offer help to the Marine Stewardship Council for a swift implementation of urgently needed improvements to the MSC standard in order to rehabilitate the sustainability claim of the MSC label in the scientific community and at consumer level.



Every year, our SHARKPROJECT School Programme teaches thousands of schoolchildren, of all ages, around the world about sharks, marine ecology and plastic.

We are constantly expanding this programme and will soon include an extensive site for children and young adults.

Region: Global
Organiser: International
Campaign begin: January, 2006
Campaign: Education of Children and Youths


Hands Off

The situation is rather absurd. On one side shark tourism is booming, on the other side more sharks are being pulled out of the ocean than ever before.

Nowadays every novice diver can free dive with large sharks. In the last few years sharks, the “Terrors of the Deep”, have apparently become lapdogs with which anyone can interact.
And therein lies the problem…

Region: Global
Organiser: International
Project start: Dezember, 2009
Campaign: Hands off


Correct certification of fish for consumption

Seal of approval for sustainable fishing given for catching sharks?

For the moment there will be no MSC certificate for swordfish awarded to the Spanish longlining fleet. The reasons, however, do not lie in a change in the MSC’s politics, as increasingly requested by SHARKPROJECT.

Region: Global
Organiser: International
Project start:t January, 2017

In co-operation with numerous NGO’s

Project sponsorship

White Shark Nursery

Sponsoring the international team of Dr. Craig O’Connell/O’Seas Conservation Foundation, Inc with the development of an invisible magnetic barrier for repelling sharks in coastal waters.

Region: Eastcost Long Islands (NY)
Organiser: Switzerland
Project start: September, 2017
Project: Research Great White Sharks



Sponsoring the international team of Dr. Craig O’Connell/O’Seas Conservation Foundation, Inc with the development of an invisible magnetic barrier for repelling sharks in coastal waters.

Region: Global/Southafrica
Project start: 2013
Project: An Alternative and Non-Lethal Barrier Deployed as a Shark Deterrent.
Organiser: Austria


Great White Mystery

This project aims, with the help of new tags, to gain detailed information about the migration of great white sharks. This knowledge can be used, in cooperation with specific institutions, to set up no-catch zones.

Region: Guadalupe Island
Organiser: International
Project start: Oktober, 2016
Project: Research Great White Sharks

  • When sharks die, the oceans die!

    Andy Cobb
  • If you are afraid of an animal, you will always see something threatening in its behaviour!

    Bertrand Russell
  • If you talk to the animals they will talk with you
    and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them
    you will not know them, and what you do not know
    you will fear. What one fears one destroys.

    Dan George
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