Here you can find all the news about our campaigns, projects and what keeps us busy.


Here you will find all the news about the topic that keeps us most busy: SHARKS. And of course Sharkproject ;) - our work in the countries, the projects and the people behind them.

Last News

SharkGuardian finally delivered in person

After a virtual delivery via Zoom Edgar Mauricio Hoyos-Padilla could now accept his real Shark Guardian trophy

Delivery of the votes for "Stop Finning - Stop the Trade"

Now it's up the the EU-Parliament: A Citizen Initiative demands not only to ban the cruel finning but also the trade with fins

Austria resolves import-ban for shark products

The motion for a resolution for the import-ban for commercial shark products has been accepted CONCORDANT

Austria plans to ban the import of commercial shark-products

All five political parties that are in the Austrian Parliament demand a national ban for the import of shark-products

Sharkproject at the ICCAT 23rd Special Session

„Business as usual“ but partial victory for Southern shortfin mako

News from the "blue savannah"

First successful trial of Sharkproject-funded device to analyze e-DNA

Sharkproject supports Angola Elasmo Project

A first-of-its-kind project to study and protect sharks and rays in southwest Africa

Finding The Bite

Challenges of field research - how to find Blacktip Reef Sharks for the sample collection

Beach Cleaning Actions in Egypt

Beach Cleaning Actions in Wadi Gemal National Park

IOTC 2022

26th Session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission does not achieve improvements for either sharks nor tuna

Shark research in South Africa

MSC & the Blue Label

"Last Call" or the last chance for the Marine Stewardship Council & the Blue Label!

Shark Guardian 2022

Sharkproject honors Mexican researcher Edgar Mauricio Hoyos Padilla as “Shark Guardian”

Social dynamics and individual hunting tactics of white sharks

Social dynamics and individual hunting tactics of white sharks revealed by biologging

The 27th Session of the Commission of ICCAT is over!

What has been achieved in respect to shark conservation in the Atlantic? Which important improvements have failed again?

Comment on ICCAT meeting for Makosharks

Intersessional Meeting once again failed to agree on a retention ban for shortfin mako sharks but still claims to make progress

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