We are committed to transparency


Transparency is extremely important to us. That is why we have joined the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.

We are committed to making the following ten informations available to the public and keeping them up to date. In September 2008 - exactly 6 years after the start of Sharkproject e.V. - the national organisation Sharkproject Germany e.V. was founded. The aim is to implement the international activities on a national level.

1. Name, registered office, address and year of foundation

Sharkproject Germany e.V.

Ottostr. 13

63150 Heusenstamm 

Gegründet 2002

Contact Person for ITZ:

Juliane Höfler


2. Complete statutes and information on objectives and organisation

Germany | SHARKPROJECT (Statutes)

Germany | SHARKPROJECT (Mission Statement)

Home | SHARKPROJECT (Vision)

3. Date of the most recent notice from the tax office

Notice of exemption dated 22.01.2021 for the period 2017-2019

Issued by the tax office Offenbach am Main II

Tax number: 44250 86958

4. Name and function of key decision-makers

Juliane Höfler - Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Jasmin Finger - Deputy Chairperson

Jan Bierwirth - Deputy Chairperson

Claudia Werner - Treasurer

Steffen Griebsch - Treasurer

Laura-Sophie Bendlin - Treasurer

6. Staff structure

Paid staff - 0 (we have no paid staff)

Active / voluntary staff - 175

Members - 171

7. Information on the source of funds

All income is presented in our annual report and in the profit and loss calculation:

Annual Report Sharkproject Germany 2022

Overview of donations - page 8 & 9

Income and expenditure - page 9 & 10

Profit and loss calculation Sharkproject Germany 2021

8. Information on the use of funds

The overview of the use of funds can be found in the annual report - page 1 to 7 and in the profit and loss calculation.

Annual Report Sharkproject 2022

Profit and loss calculation Sharkproject Germany 2021

9. Corporate affiliation

Sharkproject Germany e.V. is part of the parent organisation Sharkproject International. The parent organisation is responsible for the conception, coordination and implementation of Sharkproject campaigns and activities worldwide.

It is supported in its work by the country organisations Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, there is international cooperation with other marine conservation organisations.

The members of Sharkproject International are the three national organisations and the naturally elected persons. These elect the international board from their ranks. According to the statutes, all work of the members and the board is voluntary. No expenses or fees are paid.

10. Name of persons whose annual payments represent more than 10% of the total annual budget

In 2021, the Catan Foundation donated approx. 15% of our income.

In 2022, the Catan Foundation donated approx. 12% of our revenue.

In 2022, San Omega GmbH donated approx. 9% of our revenue.