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Hey YOU! Yes, YOU! Are you an ambitious underwater photographer or filmmaker? Your beautiful pictures or videos are gathering dust in your computer and are only taken out once in a blue moon for family reunions? We have a better idea: give us the rights of use, and you might find your pictures or films more often.

Be it in one of our calendars, on our website or in the newsletter or whatever else we can think of! The only condition is that the pictures must be high resolution (>3000 pixels wide) and videos at least Full HD; photos and films preferably of good quality.

We urgently need photos or videos of sharks such as the basking shark, mako shark, sevengill shark or thresher shark - sharks that are encountered less frequently. But also smaller sharks like dogfish, catsharks and many more. And if you have filmed whale sharks mating, then you are our hero! Unfortunately, we cannot use your photos without the right to use them. Please fill out the form below and include the link to download the images. We recommend WeTransfer, where you can upload up to 2 GByte of material for free.

We wish you furthermore success with your underwater photography or shooting cool films - we are looking forward to your best shots or videos and would like to thank you in advance!

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