Sharkproject as an accredited observer at the Regional Fishery Management Organization.

Our global demands on all RFMOs call for truly ecosystem-based fisheries management for ALL species, including bycatch species, and the entire marine ecosystem. In addition to shark-specific demands such as "Fins Naturally Attached ", our key demands include improved transparency through independent monitoring (by human observers combined with electronic monitoring systems), full reporting of all catch and bycatch, public access to fishery/vessel-specific bycatch data, and substantial improvements in gear selectivity to reduce shark bycatch in particular.

Our primary goal is always to avoid or at least significantly reduce bycatch of unwanted species (e.g., sharks, marine mammals, seabirds, and sea turtles) in the first place. As this is the best option for the survival of the species involved, most of which are already endangered, critically endangered, or even threatened with extinction.

Only as a second-best option should measures be considered to reduce bycatch mortality through so-called "best handling practices" for the release of bycatch, which must include on-board technical measures, repeated crew training, and continuous review and improvement of both.

Our work at the RFMOs

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