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Press Releases 2022

Two steps forward one step back for sharks in the Atlantic?

Mixed outcome of 28th ICCAT Commission Meeting in Cairo

Seafood Eco-Label MSC's Revised Standard – Big Blue Future or Big Blue Failure?

Global marine coalition releases final scorecard on Marine Stewardship Council’s new seafood certification Standard, concluding that it does not go far enough in protecting species at risk.

Trade ban remains the only solution to stop the global mass exploitation of sharks by the international fin trade

1.1 million Europeans and over 100 NGOs call for an end of the fin trade in the EU

60 species of sharks have been placed under international protection for the first time

More than two-thirds of CITES parties agree to list all requiem and all hammerhead sharks in CITES Appendix II.

Conservation of shortfin mako extended to the South Atlantic

Fisheries Commission (ICCAT) agrees for the first time ever on catch limits and allocations but fails to agree to complete retention ban

EU stops the trade of mako sharks from the Atlantic

Atlantic Tuna Commission has to act at its November meeting