How we act

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an integral part of our mission statement. The Code of Conduct defines how we behave as an organization called "Sharkproject". It also sets out how Sharkproject officers, members and activists should behave. The Code of Conduct applies to all Sharkproject organizations and embassies.

Sharkproject Code of Conduct was jointly developed by members and officers and unanimously adopted at the Sharkproject International General Assembly in February 2021 and revised in August 2021. The Code of Conduct will be reviewed annually and amended as necessary.

This is how we act as an organization

As officers of SHARKPROJECT, we support the tasks, goals, projects and resolutions of SHARKPROJECT in our entire living environment through our actions and statements.

Shark protection is the focus of all our association activities and projects; we refrain from personal profiling.

We act independently of public bodies, institutions and companies. This independence is important to us. Should we, as SHARKPROJECT functionaries, have an economic dependency or any other business relationship with public organizations, institutions and companies whose activities contradict the tasks and goals of SHARKPROJECT, we must report this independently and immediately to the respective board. The board will then check whether there is any incompatibility with a function in SHARKPROJECT.

All elected persons work voluntarily in their function. Due to their function in SHARKPROJECT, functionaries are not allowed to receive any financial benefits from third parties, not even in their private lives.
As functionaries of SHARKPROJECT, we have a special role model effect and therefore show consideration for the environment, the oceans and their inhabitants with our entire lifestyle. We do not use products from endangered species or fur.

We refrain from all activities and actions that could damage the reputation of SHARKPROJECT and/or its project partners in the exercise of our function and also privately. This applies in particular if persons could be publicly perceived as representatives of SHARKPROJECT due to their clothing (T-shirt with logos, etc.) and/or notoriety and also for any postings, comments and statements in social media (Facebook, etc.).

In our dealings with other persons, companies, institutions and organizations, we always work towards the achievement of our association goals in an appropriate, dialogue-oriented and respectful manner.

We value the work of other species and environmental protection organizations and welcome cross-organisational cooperation for the protection of sharks and their habitat.

Business and project trips for SHARKPROJECT are CO2-compensated or CO2-neutral as far as possible.

The external representation of the organization, in particular interviews, media appearances, lectures, trainings, etc. are exclusively the responsibility of persons who have been authorized by the organization to do so.