The ocean is the basis of all life on our planet. It ensures our survival, so it is time to stand up for its protection.

Sharkproject as part of RISE UP – a blue call to action

Dying coral reefs, collapsing fish populations, species extinction.  

These are just a few examples of the problems created by humans. Through overfishing, climate change, acidification and pollution.

Because of human activity, the ocean is losing its vital capacity. It is up to us to protect the ocean.

Of course, Sharkproject is also part of the RISE UP community.  But what exactly is RISE UP?  For RISE UP, the Oceano Azul Foundation, Ocean Unite and the Oak Foundation have joined forces. This created a small but influential group of organizations and foundations working together to advocate for shared priorities and goals, seek solutions, advance ocean conservation and raise the ambition to act. Today, the small group has grown into a global network of nearly 500 organizations. 

A healthy ocean is the foundation for a healthy planet. RISE UP therefore calls for comprehensive rethinking and action: 

Restoring life in the ocean 

  • Depleting fish stocks and damaged habitats should be restored and threatened, or endangered species should be placed under protection. Harmful fishing, such as bottom trawling or blast fishing, must be banned. This includes the exploitation of krill and deep-sea species. Establish a government, licensing and monitoring system to combat unregulated fishing. 

 Invest in net-zero carbon emissions 

  • This will minimize greenhouse gas emissions to ensure we meet our Paris Agreement target: Keep warming to below 1.5 °C. This can be done, for example, by investing in nature-based carbon sequestration solutions and renewable energy.  

Accelerating the transition to a circular and sustainable economy 

  • The priority here is to accelerate the transition to a new, sustainable and inclusive blue economy. This can be done through, for example, green shipping, marine surveillance, sustainable fisheries and marine biotechnology.  

Encouraging and supporting coastal communities 

  • Here, the aim is to strengthen the capacity of local coastal communities, indigenous peoples and small-scale fishers to conserve biodiversity, ensure food security, build climate resilience and eradicate poverty. 

United for stronger global ocean governance 

  • The goal is to create an effective and equitable global ocean governance to protect the oceans and those who depend on them. This should happen, for example, through the adoption of an international agreement to significantly reduce pollution of the oceans. 

The protection of at least 30% of the oceans by 2030

  • This is about the immediate protection and conservation of marine protected areas. You can find out more about this under “30 by 30” in the International Cooperation section.

Background information about the project


  • We want to inspire decision-makers and key stakeholders to stand up and agree on a course of action that gives our Blue Planet the best chance of survival.
  • We ask that governments and businesses actively support the various goals and actions of RISE UP, commit to this bold and transformative action
  • Work expeditiously, both in individual countries and globally, to ensure that the necessary changes in policy and action are made.

Location and Duration

  • Worldwide network
  • No time limit

Project history

Mai 2019 - Generation von RISE UP

January 2020 

Joint Call for Action: a joint call from civil society, fishermen, indigenous peoples and philanthropic organizations to governments and businesses to join us in taking bold action to protect the oceans.