Nominated and selected for their life's work & commitment

Honorary members

We at Sharkproject would like to pay special tribute to the following individuals by naming them honorary members. In their own way, they have contributed to giving sharks a voice!

We would like to say thank you for their years of support and activities!

Andrew C. R. Cobb and Wolf Snyckers remain in our fond memories. Both have worked tirelessly for shark conservation in South Africa, and much would not have been possible without them. Lotte and Hans Hass also still cause delight today with their documentaries of that time! They were pioneers underwater and heroes for us today! Both of them strongly advocated a change of thinking in favour of the shark.

Thank you for letting us get to know all of you and for supporting us with joy. We would like you to remain our honorary members and live on in our thoughts.

List of honorary members

Gerhard Wegner and Christel Wegner

Founder & President - Gerhard Wegner was Sharkproject for 15 years. Several thousand shark dives in all suitable places in the world and talks with all renowned scientists in the world made an advertising expert THE German-speaking shark specialist in the greatest degree. Various books (specialist books as well as novels and children's books) have sprung from his pen, often alone, sometimes in a team - always with the aim of excitingly narrating and enlightening 'sharks' and decriminalizing his favourite animals. Angstzination' is a word he gave to the German language.

Always at his side: his wife Christel Wegner. There is always an organized woman behind important men - so here too. Bookkeeping, travel planning, looking after fellow campaigners. Always 'in the background', but actually indispensable in the centre of all activities.

With the end of the 15th Sharkproject year, both have lovingly let go of Sharkproject. Just like loving parents whose child has fledged.

With the honorary membership, Sharkproject thanks both of you - without you, we would not exist.

Andrew Charles Richmond Cobb (†19.10.2020)

South African shark conservationist, Ambassador Sharkproject SA

Andrew F. Cobb received several international awards for his shark conservation work, including the Sharkproject lifetime achievement award. He fought tirelessly against the capture and extinction of sharks in South Africa.

In 2005, he was awarded the SHARKGUARDIAN Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award.

He served as the organization's ambassador for South Africa for many years, and we owe him a lot, including the founding of Sharkproject e.V.

Kurt Amsler

World-famous underwater photographer, journalist and diver

Kurt Amsler has won over 100 awards in international photography competitions and a world championship title. His countless reports in professional journals as well as in renowned magazines and newspapers worldwide have brought readers closer to the world underwater. Involved with SOS Sea Turtles, Project AWARE, ASMS, among others.

Wolf Snyckers († 2019)

Head of Boleng Adventures, Johannesburg, South Africa

Without Wolf Snyckers, much of our work in South Africa would not have been possible. He always managed to motivate and activate the right bodies so that shark conservation in South Africa would not stand still. His voluntary commitment and dedication were exemplary.

Prof. Dr Hans Hass (* 1919-† 2013)
Lotte Hass (* 1928-† 2015)

Diving pioneers and among the most committed shark conservationists

The programmes of Prof. Hass and his wife Lotte introduced many people to the world underwater for the first time. They fought for the preservation of the underwater world and for a different understanding of the shark as an animal.