International umbrella organization, with headquarters in Switzerland

Sharkproject International

The umbrella organization responsible for the conception, coordination, and implementation of Sharkproject campaigns and activities worldwide.

It is supported in its work by the national organizations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In addition, there is international cooperation with other marine conservation organizations.

The members of Sharkproject International are the three country organizations and the naturally elected persons. These elect the international board from their ranks. According to the statutes, the entire work of the members and the board is voluntary. Neither expenses nor fees are paid.

Sharkproject International

Rebhaldenstrasse 2
8910 Affoltern am Albis

Phone: +41 44 586 50 02
E-mail: info(at)


Board International

President: Alex Smolinsky
Vice President: Christine Gstöttner
Treasurer: Jasmin Finger
Actuary: Denise Smolinsky

Country representatives as the three legal members:
Germany (represented by Petra Schwerdtfeger)
Austria (represented by Herbert Futterknecht)
Switzerland (represented by Britta Baur)

Representative of the countries

National Chairman: Herbert Futterknecht
Deputy National Chairman: Alexander Niedermair
Deputy National President: Romed Kapferer
Treasurer: Martina Zollner
Secretary: Christine Gstöttner
Marketing & Public Relations: Barbara Szvetits

National Chairperson: Unoccupied
Deputy National Chairperson: Jasmin Finger
Deputy National Chairperson: Juliane Höfler
Treasurer: Chantal Stockmann

National Chairperson: Denise Smolinsky
National Chairperson Deputy: Britta Baur
Board Member: Anke Apelt
Board Member: Andreas Schwitter

Sharkproject International

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