free, interactive educational opportunities for children, teenagers and young adults

Sharks in the School

For children and teenagers at the various stages of education is an extensive range of activities designed. The educators adapted its structure and content to the respective age groups. The interactive educational program invites learning more about sharks and the marine ecosystem.

The lessons take place interactively on site or virtually and include readings, films, lectures, and presentations as well as games and discussions. The offer is complemented by various visual aids.

From 30-minute readings to individual lessons to entire project weeks, many things are possible.

The pedagogically trained referents adapt to the respective circumstances and decide together with the teachers which contents are suitable.


All lectures are free of charge.

If you would like to make a donation to Sharkproject, it is very welcome and will be reinvested in the school programme.

Good to know

Content and duration

The school referents discuss the framework conditions, the contents and the duration of the respective programme with the responsible teachers.

The lectures range from 30-minute readings to project weeks. The duration is agreed with teachers in advance and adapted to the respective class and curriculum.
For classic school lectures, we recommend a double lesson.
All referents work on a voluntary basis and carry out the programmes in their free time.


The offers are carried out by regional school referents on site in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Worldwide, the school programme is available virtual and in different languages.

Since the pandemic, we also offer school lectures online by appointment.


The readings, lectures, and events in the framework of the school programme “Sharks in School” are conducted free of charge by the voluntary school referents.

If your students and you enjoyed the event, please recommend the school programme to others.


Sharkproject is particularly committed to environmental education for children and young people. They should be sensitised and made aware of the marine ecosystem and in particular the important role of sharks. There are various challenges to be met in the conservation and renewal of this system and its inhabitants.

Informing and convincing the next generation is key to this. If today's children and young people lead their lives more consciously and address and involve the adults, the sharks and oceans can be saved!

Kindergarten and primary school

Readings are held for kindergarten children and primary school kids under the motto “What you always wanted to know about sharks!”. Sections from the stories “Michel, the Little White Shark” are supplemented with short lectures and films. The readings last about 30 minutes per volume.

This offer is also available virtually. For example, they can complement a children's birthday party with an afternoon with Michel.

Secondary schools levels I and II

The modular lectures for kids in secondary schools I and II are enhanced with exciting films and interesting facts. These motivate to want to learn more about sharks. The module contents include topics such as the marine ecosystem and the food chain, the biology of the shark or its endangerment. The content is prepared for the appropriate age groups. The lectures encourage the kids and teenagers to reflect on their own behaviour and to work out together how humans can behave more sustainably.

The modules are adapted to the duration of the school lessons and are planned individually by the school referents according to the respective specifications. A minimum of a double lesson is recommended.


Project days and weeks

Based on the modular lectures, the content is worked out together with the kids and teachers within the framework of project days or weeks. The kids and teenagers are actively involved in the design and document their results in papers or presentations.

The modular group lessons are an offer for teachers who want to prepare interactive lessons or group work for primary and lower secondary school students. Four modules with games, readings and short, simple lectures are available in the download area.


There are different offers for after-school or interdisciplinary events.

Sharkproject is happy to help, advise and support you in the implementation.

Extensive information and illustrative material as well as exhibits support the transfer of knowledge. Depending on the age group, this is done playfully, creatively and on the educational trail “Sharks in the marine ecosystem”. The varied programme is supplemented with readings, lectures, and films.

Enquiries, information material and more
Do you have questions about the school programme “Sharks in School” or are you interested in organizing readings, lectures, or events free of charge?
Are you interested in various information material? This is available free of charge. Write to us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.