Education and training as Sharkproject's second mission


We promote scientific research, projects and initiatives that support the protection of sharks and their habitat: financially, organisationally and ideationally.

Here you can find all our education projects.


Sharks in the School

free, interactive educational opportunities for children, teenagers and young adults

Encounter with sharks

Enjoy the unique chance to dive with these animals

Plastic Free Oceans – Welcome to the Plastocene

We live in a world full of plastic, maybe even in a whole new era - the Plastocene. The problem? We can no longer get rid of these enormous quantities of plastic.

Shark weeks

Escorted diving trips

Are you looking for the latest information? Or would you like to see a summary of one of our live talks or reports?Here you will find the latest posts, event summaries, reports, actions, and reports from the blog. Everything new on the topic of EDUCATION.

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