We introduce ourselves


Sharkproject is an international shark and species conservation organization.

Behind it is a team of committed people who care deeply about shark and marine conservation and who are active nationally and internationally in various countries.

And we would like to introduce you to these people, as well as all areas of our organization. Starting with the umbrella organization, the mission statement, the countries and embassies, the individual team members and the philosophy behind our shop products.

Overview of Organizations & Teams


Who is behind Sharkproject? We introduce ourselves ...

Sharkproject International

International umbrella organization, with headquarters in Switzerland


National organisation of SHARKPROJECT in Austria, based in Vienna

SHARKPROJECT Switzerland Association

National organisation of SHARKPROJECT Switzerland, with headquarters near Zurich


The Sharkproject ambassadors in the countries of the world


Beautiful sustainable products that make you happy!

Honorary members

Nominated and selected for their life's work & commitment