Arbeit im Team
Arbeit im Team

Sharkproject has many volunteer shark fans and marine conservationists. We need your support!

Volunteer Jobs

We at Sharkproject are now quite a few people from different countries and professions, from young to old, who for a variety of reasons works together and volunteer for sharks and marine conservation.

We have recognized scientists, environmentalists and shark conservation experts on board as well as committed individuals who often became convinced shark conservationists through diving, travelling, photography or other experiences and activities. This mix is what Sharkproject is all about. It helps us to implement our projects efficiently and effectively and to activate and inspire more and more people worldwide for marine and shark conservation.

Over the last 20 years, Sharkproject has grown and become more influential. To continue fighting for healthy shark populations and intact oceans, we need your support! We are looking for volunteers in various areas. 

If you are interested in the task and would like to take Sharkproject to a new level, get in touch! Even if you can't do all the tasks listed, you may contact us today. Together, we will find out where you can help the sharks and the oceans.

We are looking for:

Translators for diverse languages

We are looking for voluntary translators for Englisch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish an more languages.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager at Sharkproject

Support Sponsors and Patrons

Together with your team you will be looking for Sponsors and Patrons.

Support Web- & Marketingdesign

Creating Information, marketing material and digital content.

Marketing Consulting

Planning and creating future-oriented marketing strategies.

Authors for the Com team

We are looking for to support us by writing texts for our social media accounts.

Support International Cooperation

In our International Cooperation Team you will look after our Cooperations, will network and represent Sharkproject.

Legal Advice

Advising Sharkproject International for diverse legal matters.

Advise for Protection of Data Privacy

Advise and Examination of Protection of Data Privacy

Advise for Press Release

Creating professional Press Release and advising the international team.

HR Support

Operative and strategic responsibilty for the development of our crew and organisation.


Support for the following IT areas: design, programming and upkeeping, particularly Office 365, TEAMS and Powerautomate.

Support Administration Media Data Base

Administration of licenses of photos and videos including a suitable caption.

Speaker / Referee

Presenting professional knowledge about sharks.