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Our new products were selected and designed with a lot of passion. It was important to us that we had cool products developed that hit the nerve of the time and are practical. We want to stand out from the rest.

Our requirements for clothes are that they have a cool design, good quality and a good cut, and of course that they are comfortable to wear. Other important criteria are certified organic cotton, no mineral oil ink in printing, organic fabrics and no synthetic fibres (except recycled materials). We offer our range in a versatile way, sometimes in limited editions or as special editions. We do not accept child labour and pay attention to fair trade; therefore, we select companies with corresponding certifications for production. And we make sure that the product ranges and packaging are plastic-free. Our products are characterized by sustainability.

Quite a lot of requirements we have set ourselves... But: We have done it! Our new products meet our requirements, and we are convinced of them. Curious now? Finding gifts for shark fans made easy... Do your Christmas shopping with us...


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What do we want? That you enjoy our products and visit our shop regularly because you like our works of art!

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