Important information for our customers in Switzerland

Delivery to Switzerland

You pay for shipping to Switzerland. That's it. No further costs from the post office, customs or anyone else. You've never ordered to Switzerland so easily!

How is that possible?

The warehouse of the Sharkproject shop is located in Austria, near the Principality of Liechtenstein. This is the only way we can supply the whole EU with our products. For Switzerland, therefore, a special solution is necessary. As Swiss, we know the hassle of parcels from abroad. Therefore, we offer you an all-inclusive solution.

You pay EUR 25.00 for ECO shipping (5-10 days). This EUR 25.00 includes all costs such as pick & pack, packaging material, courier to Liechtenstein for customs clearance, customs duties and taxes, Swiss VAT and postal delivery to Switzerland. You will not receive an invoice from Sharkproject, the post office, the customs office or anyone else. It is as if you were ordering in Switzerland.

Thanks to strong contractual partners, we can offer you this service. There is no cheaper and easier way to order from abroad to Switzerland.


Further information

Every shipment from abroad to Switzerland is subject to customs duty and VAT and must be declared to the customs administration by the person required to declare it. For you, as a Swiss customer, this would result in the following costs:

  • Customs duties and VAT
  • Shipping and handling charges

Customs duties and VAT will not be charged if they do not exceed CHF 5.00 per custom declaration. This means that no VAT has to be paid on consignments with a total value of up to CHF 65.00. Caution: The value of goods includes not only the purchase price, but also postage, the carrier's handling fee and customs duties.

The prices for our products in the Sharkproject Shop are given in EURO. This includes 19% VAT (in the EU the VAT rates are between 17% and 27% depending on the country). In Switzerland, the sales tax rate is 7,7 % (value added tax VAT). You can therefore deduct 19 % from the product price in euros, convert it to CHF using the current EUR exchange rate and add 7.7 %. At an EUR-CHF exchange rate of 1.08, the following indicative prices arise:

20 EUR > CHF 19.55
50 EUR > CHF 48.85
100 EUR > CHF 97.75
150 EUR > CHF 146.60
200 EUR > CHF 195.50
300 EUR > CHF 293.25


Shipping options, costs and delivery times to Switzerland

You have two delivery options for sending your Sharkproject package to Switzerland: PRIO and ECO. These differ not only in the time in which your package is delivered, but also in the costs. The indicated costs include all shipping costs and all handling fees, customs duties, Swiss VAT, etc. From our warehouse to your home.

Savings rate - delivery time 5-10 days

Your order is immediately prepared and packed in our warehouse. This means that the goods are safe for you. Afterwards, however, the package remains in the warehouse until we have collected enough orders so that we can ship as cheaply as possible. As soon as we have enough parcels, but at the latest once a week, the parcels are handed over to the Liechtenstein Post for customs clearance. After customs clearance, the parcel is handed over to Swiss Post and sent as a B Mail parcel.

This shipping option costs you EUR 25.00.