Corporate Identity, IT, Internationale Cooperation & Communication

Administrative department International

The international staff unit comprises several teams that take on all the work that Sharkproject needs in order to function.

These are in particular International Cooperation, Corporate Identity, Communication Office and IT. 

  • The task of International Cooperation is: networking - supporting - informing.
  • Corporate Identity takes care of the self-image of Sharkproject. The constant adherence to our brand, as well as the uniform appearance to the outside world, underlines our professionalism and recognition value.
  • The Communication Office covers external communication via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the newsletter. Our team provides information about our activities, campaigns, projects or news from scientists.
  • Due to our international activities, a timely exchange is very important. To this end, we use various tools that support us in our work. This way we keep track of our projects and campaigns, etc. IT is responsible for ensuring that we can work in an uncomplicated and modern way.