It is very difficult to make an obituary about a good friend.

9. February, 2023

We mourn the death of Michael Mather

Michael Mather

With great sadness we had to learn today the news about the passing away of our friend, project leader and very active member Michael Mather.

Michi supported Sharkproject Austria the last years with his irrepressible commitment especially in international projects with full passion. In several events and lectures he communicated the work of Sharkproject to people like you and me. Especially the project "Shark Safe Barrier" was his "baby". He pursued this project with meticulousness and supported it with full commitment.
The project would not be where it is now without Michi's enormous commitment. Even short trips to South Africa to Stellenbosch University, who are in charge of this project, were not too much trouble for him, in order to discuss new ways and implementations with the director Dr. Sara Andreotti.

Dear Michi - we from Sharkproject would like to say on this last way - also in the name of the sharks, thank you again for everything you brought to Sharkproject - we will really miss you and you tear a very big gap in our team. Take care on your last way.

In deepest mourning
The complete Sharkproject Team


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