Andreas Schwitter


Everyone is talking about climate protection. Few are aware that the ocean plays a crucial role in this. Even fewer know that the shark plays a key role in the ecosystem. The killing of sharks today is therefore out of all proportion! And I would also like to go diving with sharks in the future.


Do you have any special skills, experiences or adventures?

The speciality of Sharkproject is on the one hand that we cooperate with scientists worldwide, and on the other hand the unique education of the next generation.
My skills are in planning, coordination and organization, as well as my network with divers.
I am a passionate diver in the Sport, Tec and Cave area. This has allowed me to dive with many sharks. Of course, my underwater camera is not to be missed.

And which is your favourite shark?

Prionace glauca (lat.)

Blauhai (dt.)

Blue shark (engl.)

Hope dies last, will never.