Patricia Eversbusch


Why is shark protection or marine conservation important to you?

Sharks are important for a healthy ocean.
My job is to help these misunderstood species that are threatened by poaching, to influence people and make them aware of their importance to the planet's ecosystem, but on the other hand also to learn to admire them and protect them.


Do you have any special skills, experiences or adventures?

I specialise in tourism communication and am a pioneer of investigative journalism. I have done a lot of reporting on marine life in the Mexican oceans and sharks, but also on Guadalupe Island and the Revillagigedo Archipelago.

I have also participated in scientific expeditions to study the great white shark and the hammerhead shark. These were carried out by a community of outstanding Mexican scientists and marine biologists.

I was born in Mexico and grew up by the sea in Tuxpan (Veracruz). Since my childhood, I have been closely connected to the sea. Marine life and its majestic inhabitants fascinate me and are a passion of mine.


And which is your favourite shark?

Carcharodon carcharias (lat.)

Großer Weißer Hai (dt.)

Great white shark (engl.)

Once the sea has captivated you, it holds you forever in its web of wonder.

Jacques-Yves Costeau