Susanne Pröglhöf


Why is shark protection or marine conservation important to you?

Sharks are at the top of the food web in the ocean. They make an important contribution to ensuring that the ecosystem does not become unbalanced. Without sharks, the ocean dies and so do we humans, because 70% of the oxygen comes from the ocean.


Do you have any special skills, experiences or adventures?

  • I have been an enthusiastic diver for many years, and I am always very impressed by shark encounters underwater. I have been supporting Sharkproject for many years with a sponsorship and have been responsible for organizing events since 2019.
  • You can always find me at various events and fairs, where I like to pass on my knowledge about sharks to the people around me.
  • In my main job, I have been working at the Volkstheater in the costume department since 1983. Here I can fully live out my creativity and manual skills, and working with the actors gives me great pleasure.


And which is your favourite shark?

Sphyrna lewini (lat.)

Bogenstirn-Hammerhai (dt.)

Scalloped hammerhead (engl.)

The path is the goal.