Margherita Gattermann


Why is shark protection or marine conservation important to you?

Sharks are deeply misunderstood creatures and because of their bad reputation, many refuse to protect them. I think sharks are beautiful animals that also play an enormously important role in the ecosystem. Without them, the ocean dies. By exterminating them, we are not only destroying our own future, but also that of all other species.


Do you have any special skills, experiences or adventures?

  • I am comfortable on and in the water, have a sailing license for dinghies, some experience in ocean sailing as well as navigating and am an avid diver.
  • I am good at writing copy and have published a book. I especially enjoy creative essays and stories, but also write reports and documentaries.
  • I am involved in environmental protection, am a member of Fridays for Future, and help organize and run protests and campaigns.



And which is your favourite shark?

Rhincodon typus (lat.)

Walhai (dt.)

Whale shark (engl.)


We live in a dangerous age. Man is mastering nature before he has learned to master himself.

Albert Schweitzer