Alexander Niedermair


Why is shark conservation or marine conservation important to you?

To draw attention to these wonderful, majestic animals! To sensitize people to be more attentive to nature/resources!


Do you have any special skills, experiences or experiences?

  • Kitchen manager in a rehabilitation centre sensitize colleagues to sustainable purchasing - e.g. Schillerlocke etc.
    Rescue Diver 700 TG+ in all waters, very fond of our rivers and lakes.
  • UW photography.
  • Many Egypt trips with various shark encounters, especially Longimanus and Hammerheads.
  • Since 2012 officially with Sharkproject! Staff training, various lectures on dive trips (safari boats), to chefs, schools and clubs.


And which is your favourite shark?

Carcharhinus longimanus (lat.)

Weißspitzen-Hochseehai (dt.)

Oceanic whitetip shark (engl.)

It won't work, it won't!
It's not possible, it's not possible!

Artur Fischer