Sharkproject and Divemaster invite you to a virtual dive with sharks.

9. May, 2023

Whale shark, mako, wobbegong, silky shark, thresher shark, bull shark... all in just one dive

They only ever protect what they know and love. With Sharkproject and Divemaster, they will get to know the numerous shark species even better. And they will understand even better why sharks are so important and worth protecting for the marine ecosystem and for us humans.

Do you know the feeling: you are sitting at work and catch yourself dreaming of the next holiday, of the sea and of finally putting on the mask again, putting the regulator in your mouth and diving into another world?

Divemaster Magazine has managed to combine not only these two opposites, but also learning and fun. We would like to introduce our new cooperation partner and draw attention to their great work to protect sharks.

Divemaster sees itself as a specialist magazine on the topics of diving and underwater: the range of content extends from diving holidays and major diving expeditions to photography and technology, as well as medical and biological and ecological aspects.

It also offers a virtual shark diving tour where you can not only meet the most famous species, but also learn important and up-to-date facts about them. And the best part? If the thought of encountering a full-grown hammerhead or tiger shark while diving still makes you a little queasy, you can catch up on the experience from your laptop or smartphone. The lovingly drawn 360-degree panorama that comes to life shows a landscape that demonstrates the versatility of this class of animal - while in the background you hear the familiar underwater crackling of the fish nibbling on the reef and the quiet rise of the bubbles from your regulator - pure holiday feeling.

And if, after the virtual encounter, you should decide to meet the imposing animals in real life, you will also find tips on how to behave when meeting sharks on the site. Sharks reveal clear body signals to the attentive observer. The most important thing in a shark encounter is to understand their behaviour. This is best documented with grey reef sharks. If the animals feel harassed, they clearly arch their backs, put their pectoral fins down and make frantic rudder movements with their tail fins

The virtual diving fun is also suitable for children and, in addition to the underwater landscape, offers condensed and exciting facts about shark species and their senses. Because animals we know, we are more likely to learn to appreciate and love, and what we appreciate, we are much more likely to consider important and worth protecting.

If you catch yourself on your next daydream to the sea or underwater, why not visit the virtual diving tour and learn something new about sharks or try to spot the grey reef shark.


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