Many visitors at the Austrian "Boot" in Tulln

6. March, 2023


The Sharkproject Austria Team was very happy to move back into their usual booth in the corner. 

Not only boats on the "Boot" 

Recently the Sharkproject Germany Team entered the "Boot Düsseldorf", now the Sharkproject Austria Team had the honor to visit the "little sister", the "Boot Tulln". With 360 exhibitors and about 40.000 visitors the Austrian version is also quite impressive. 

After a mandatory break due to the pandemic the visitors came back in swarms to the Exhibition Centre Tulln. The Exhibition Space was scattered over several halls. Sharkproject was able to reclaim the their usual space in the corner of Hall 8, where mainly travel agencies and tour operators, diving clubs, diving organizations and diving shops as well as marine conservation organizations were found. 

Offers for kids and grown ups 

Especially kids loved our booth. Behind the shark-wall the little shark experts could prove their knowledge in a shark quiz. They could also color a picture. Our classics, the well-beloved Michel-books as well as plush toy sharks, are always with us in our booths! Grown ups found amongst other things our t-shirt from the limited edition "20 years Sharkproject - Two Face" (for women and men), illustrated books, key chains and of course many informations about sharks and our work in relation to shark conservation. 

On our TV we presented not only breath taking shark videos but also our newest information videos about unexpected shark products: in cosmetics and in pet food. 

From thursday to saturday there was also a daily presentation: "Shark Safe Barrier - sustainable shark and bay protection", "Sharkproject at school" and "Beauty and the beast - Squalene in cosmetic products". 

We are looking forward to your visit on the next exhibition! Maybe already at the "Ferienmesse" from 16. to 19. March 2023. 

The next "Boot Tulln" is announced for 29. February 2024 to 3. March 2024. 

As usual you will find all important information about exhibitions and events on our social media accounts. 


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