Beach Cleaning Actions in Wadi Gemal National Park

30. May, 2022

Beach Cleaning Actions in Egypt

Through the idea of our Sharkproject member Jochen Schmidt-Rudloff and with the support of Mr. Atef (General Manager of the "Shams Alam Beach Resort") and the "Wadi Gimal Dive-Center" two beach cleaning actions could already be carried out. About 15 hotel guests and 15 employees of the hotel have cleaned the dunes and the beach of the national park Wadi Gemal from plastic. Within a very short time a huge amount of garbage has been collected.

Furthermore, Jochen is in discussion with the general manager of the "Shams Alam Beach Resort" to give further suggestions for improvements, such as no more plastic spoons or reusable cups (deposit system), information for guests on the protection of the sea and the reefs and sustainable behavior via QR code, etc.

A very great action on vacation, which will certainly also make many guests and employees of the resort rethink.

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