The motion for a resolution for the import-ban for commercial shark products has been accepted CONCORDANT

15. December, 2022

Austria resolves import-ban for shark products

The 14th of December was an emotional day for shark protectors - especially in Austria. In the Austrian Parliament a motion for a resolution to ban the import of commercial shark products has been processed. And it has been accepted concordant! 

Lukas Hammer bei der Rede im Nationalrat
Screenshot des Beschluss-Protokolls

The 14th of December was a long day. Not only for the politicians, but also for Sharkproject. Gabriela Futterknecht, who already represented the Austria at the press conference, and Herbert Futterknecht were guests at the meeting of the parliament. But as our motion for a resolution was the 31st item on the agenda, they had to wait. Finally at 9:34pm Lukas Hammer, speaker for Enviroment of the party "Grüne" and chairman of the Environment Committee, started with his speach. He was followed by Julia Herr (SPÖ), Nikolaus (ÖVP), Michael Bernhard (NEOS), Astrid Rössler (Grüne) and Joachim Schnabel (ÖVP). 

After these long but meaningful speaches about the importance of shark protection finally it was time for the moment everyone longed for. At 9:21pm all representatives of the National Council voted concordant for the proposal. As concordant resulutions are very rare that shows even more how serious the National Council took our Concern. 
This resolution is a request to the Federal Government to forbid the import of shark products. Their next step is to formulate a law. 

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The details about the meeting of the National Council can be found in the Parlamentskorrespondenz. Also a video of our item on the agenda can be found in the media centre of the parliament as well as on our own Youtube Chanel. Both pieces are only availabe in German.  


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