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Update Azores Campaign October 2014 – It continues

Langleinen-Hai (c) Michael Weberberger

Obviously they think on the Azores that SHARKPROJECT comes by once in a while, shouts around, and disappears again.

No, we’re on the scene:
And again the Spanish unload at the harbour of Horta.

(c) Anja Weberberger

(c) Anja Weberberger

This time documented by our loyal supporters Anja and Michael Weberberger. They had taken pictures of unloading processes for us in summer 2013. The Siempre Juan Luis with origin harbour Vigo/Spain unloaded again, mostly blue sharks and some mako sharks at September 19th 2014. This vessel is an often “guest” at Horta, like the Amel La Guardia (as documented by Gerald Nowak on June 26th), and the Manuel Alba as documented by our campaigners Friederike and Meik Obrock on July 27th.

(c) Michael Weberberger

(c) Michael Weberberger

From far away (but still visible) Anja and Michael confirm that the sharks are much smaller as in the years before. Their photos speak for them selves as well as the pocture from the dives at Condor Banks (the protected nature Reserve): The outcome of long lining is visible in the nature reserves. Some of the victims escape from their human hunters!

When does this madness stop! We keep in touch.

(Pics (c) SHARKPROJECT, Anja Weberberger, Michael Weberberger; Text: Friederike Kremer-Obrock)

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