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“SHARKWATER” online – SHARKPROJECT Shark Guardian Rob Stewart uploads his much acclaimed film

(c) Rob Stewart

SHARKWATER is a Canadian documentary created and produced by Rob Stewart in 2006. Originally, the diver, underwater photographer and biologist simply wanted to release a beautiful underwater movie about sharks to refute prejudices, then however prodded at illegal business and criminal organizations engaged in the so called shark finning. Stewart then mainly focused on the illegal shark-hunting industry.

SHARKWATER has since then strongly expedited the shark conservation movement.

"SHARKWATER"-Still (c) Rob Stewart

“SHARKWATER”-Still (c) Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart achieved a lot with his film: due to the powerful images and the stirring story, a general public has learned that sharks are no monsters, but an endangered and fascinating species, much more vulnerable than dangerous.

For his valuable and outstanding achievement, SHARKPROJECT awarded Rob Stewart as Shark Guardian of the Year 2009. The film and its producers altogether received more than 40 international awards.

Stewart has not remained idle since. Within and after the creation of SHARKWATER, Stewart extended his focus: the impacts of criminal operations that further the worldwide extinction of sharks are also dangerous for other species: the consistency of mankind will be affected if we continue exploiting and destroying our planet. His book is called “Save The Humans” – and now the sequel to SHARKWATER releases on international screens: REvolution.

The title says it all: the planet and its residents developed within 3.5 billion years of evolution – now it is time for us to enhance again. We have to become smarter and more thoughtful and we need to act fast, as by mid century we face failing world ecosystems. Since adverting this is not possible without changes (sometimes quite radical ones), we are in need of a revolution, a revolution to save us – we cannot continue business as usual.

The film was released in North America a few days ago; a publication date for Germany is not yet known.

Still we have great news to share: SHARKWATER is now online.

Inter alia supported by Sir Richard Branson (Shark Guardian of the Year 2013), SHARKWATER can from now on legally be watched for free (click here).


We recommend the film to everyone.

Over the past few years, SHARKPROJECT has always been trying to support Rob Stewart, which we will continue enthusiastically. A revolution is desperately necessary, for there will be no time for us to wait for the natural evolution to make this planet liveable again, once we destroyed it.

Images (c) Rob Stewart, SHARKPROJECT