Stefan Kaspar


Why is shark protection or marine conservation important to you?

Our oceans and their marine life are beautiful, diverse and of very central importance to us humans. It is a matter close to my heart to raise people's awareness in order to sustainably improve the still negative image of sharks. The dramatic underwater development is visible, it is five to twelve, so it is time to do something here and now.


Do you have any special skills, experiences or adventures?

  • I want to give sharks a voice and make my contribution so that sharks are no longer perceived as killing machines, but as elegant and very important hunters that keep the ecosystem in balance.
  • The first shark encounter I had with my two sons left its mark on me. Will my children's children still be able to experience it? I will never forget the fascination and enthusiasm I saw in the four children's eyes. Together we are guests in the magical underwater world, amazed and collecting all the rubbish.
  • As a rescue diver and adventure seeker, I have had many unique encounters with sharks over the last 25 years. Unfortunately, shark sightings are becoming increasingly rare, and we must not allow sharks, which have existed for over 450 million years, to become extinct forever because of us humans. Working together with people to make a positive difference makes me happy.


And which is your favourite shark?

Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (lat.)

Gray Reef Shark

Some people feel the rain - others just get wet.

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