Sandra Gasche


Why is shark protection or marine conservation important to you?

For years, sharks have suffered from a bad reputation that is not based on facts. This leads to many not wanting to protect the sharks. However, the problem is that without the sharks, the oceans are not regulated, which can have dramatic consequences for humans, animals and the whole world. Therefore, I would like to gain more attention and understanding for the sharks and their protection.

Do you have any special skills, experiences or adventures?

  • The fascination with sharks has had a firm grip on me since childhood. This curiosity caused me to want to learn more about sharks. I gained my extensive knowledge by reading technical literature, watching various documentaries and through my volunteer project at Marine Dynamics.

  • A few years ago, my biggest dream came true. In Gansbaai, I was allowed to observe great white sharks in the wild as a volunteer. In addition, I was allowed to participate in a live satellite day. The time was very educational and exciting, especially analysing the data from the tags with marine biologist Alison Towner.


And which is your favourite shark?


Carcharodon carcharias (lat.)

Großer Weißer Hai (dt.)

Great white shark (engl.)

What we fear, we destroy.
What we know, we protect.

Dr. Erich Ritter