Christina Aust


Why is shark protection or marine conservation important to you?

The ocean is essential for all life on earth, including that of humans. Without a healthy ocean, the entire planet is out of balance. To protect human livelihoods and preserve our biodiversity, the shark is a key species to protect.
To protect. No Ocean, no Life!


Do you have any special skills, experience or expertise?

  • I have been working in the scientific field for a number of years, and with this experience I try to present scientific information and findings in a simple and understandable way. I summarize
    I summarize scientific publications and, for example, create posts or write articles or blog contributions.
  • I have been a passionate diver for over 10 years and try to further develop my skills. Fortunately, I was able to quickly infect my partners with the diving fever and we
    get involved in every opportunity that comes our way in connection with our diving skills. For example, helping with coral rearing to preserve reefs.
  • Another passion for me is painting. My paintings are almost always inspired by nature and I try to show the beauty of flora and fauna but also the influence of man.
    Human influence. In this way I try to illustrate the topic of nature and species conservation to people.


And which is your favourite shark?

Alopias (lat.)

Fuchshai/Drescher (dt.)

Thresher shark (engl.)

Dream your life beautifully and turn these dreams into reality.

- Marie Curie