Gabriela Futterknecht


Why is shark protection or marine conservation important to you?

Sharks have fascinated me since my childhood. Very few people know how important they are for us. Sharks in their function maintain the balance in this habitat. This must be maintained because the oceans provide us with
oceans provide us with oxygen, food and are responsible for our climate.

Do you have any special skills, experience or expertise?

  • In shark conservation, education is a very powerful key. My husband and I give lectures so that the knowledge and findings of SHARKPROJECT can be passed on.
  • The scope of my work is extensive. There is a lot to organize, such as coordinating series of lectures, training in the association for our active team in Austria, organizing large events such as SharkNight's Vienna and much more.
  • My passion is underwater videography. Here I have the opportunity to collect film material for SHARKPROJECT, which we need for lectures and documentations.

And which is your favourite shark?

Galeocerdo cuvier (lat.)

Tigerhai (dt.)

Tiger shark (engl.)