The oceans are dying – and we adults are standing idly by. Discussions clearly show the attitude of most adults is one of “It’s not my problem”, which translates into “It doesn’t affect me”. And that’s true. The consequences of the world’s largest ecosystem dying out will primarily affect the children of today. And we, who are responsible for it, will watch the catastrophe unfold from above, shaking our heads in sorrow and asking how we could have let that happen in our lifetime.

It is the children of today who will suffer. And above all children in developing countries in coastal locations.

That is why we declared 2012 International Year of the Child. Our clear aim was to explain the situation.

To that end we used all the resources at our disposal.

  • Explanations in schools
  • Explanations through special exhibitions
  • Explanations in developing countries

The campaign has continued and was extended in 2014 with a complete bilingual school programme.


The Sharkproject school programme

Michel, the small great white shark, is the hero of the Sharkproject school programme (Class 3-4) on the topics:

  • Sharks
  • Plastic in the ocean
  • Ocean eco-system

A read-aloud story is reinforced using lesson plans and additional material, including worksheets, poster and/or games.

The Sharkproject school programme is perfect for holiday programmes, cover teaching or as part of a project week on the theme of the sea.

Suitable for age group: Class 3-4


Younger / older students?
Sharkproject provides school staff with a comprehensive, age-appropriate presentation.

Details :


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