19. January 2020 Christine Gstöttner

Press Conference: EU initiative “Stop Finning – Stop the Trade”

Stopping the trade with sharks requies clear actions within the EU. If we consider taking into account just one single shark species we end up with more than 3.500 tons of fins from blue sharks, which are being sold within Europe every single year. These fins are worth 52 million Euros. Yet, this amount is  in comparison to the damage that is caused to the marine ecosystem. 

A control of fishing vessels on sea? A dead loss and impossible to conduct. Once the fins are seperated from the torso, it is almost impossible to identify the shark species being caught. It is even more difficult if the fins are dried or frozen. In this condition the only capable resource is a DNA-test to identify the species.

Is this really necessary? We say: NO!

To put an end to these practices, Sharkproject has launched in cooperation with Sea Sheperd, Stop FInning and many more an EU initiative called “Stop Finning – Stop the Trade”. The actor and environmental activist Hannes Jaenicke as well as Stefanie Brendl from the American organization Shark Allies have pleaded for the initiative on January 19th at a press conference at the boot Düsseldorf. They were discussing the critical state of our oceans and shark populations and specifically, called people to take action by giving their vote to the EU initiative, which demands an end of the trade with shark fins within Europe. The EU officially sustained this initiative on 01.01.2020.

How can you support this and make a difference? Mark the 01.02.2020 in your calender and support the initiative on www.stop-finning.eu. This is the official start for the campaign moving forward. We will need 1,000,000 signatures from EU citizens. Animate your friends and family to sign this initiative – it will make sure that the marine ecosystem can be kept in balance and that sharks will still be part of our oceans in the future. 

Join our fight! Your vote makes a difference!

More information on www.stop-finning.eu 

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