34_3schweizSHARKPROJECT SWITZERLAND has been working on issues of shark protection and marine protection in Switzerland since 2006. The initial team was only small but it is currently expanding and is keen to recruit new active members for the organisation following restructuring in 2014.

“We want to share our knowledge!”

The main task of Sharkproject Switzerland is to inform our fellow human beings about the abuse of our oceans and at the same time to remove their fear of sharks. To that end we show why it is so important to protect these majestic creatures and their habitat. Even in landlocked Switzerland there is plenty to be done in this respect. Shark products such as meat, medicines and cosmetic products are still bought and sold here.

We can often be found at events such as trade fairs, lectures, exhibitions or film screenings, always working towards sharing our knowledge of sharks – since people only protect what they know.

President: Alex Smolinsky
Vice-President: Simone Gori

Mail: switzerland(a)sharkproject.org