Chum hilf mit,
d’Hai und üsi Ozean z’schütze!

Come and help us to protect the sharks and our oceans!

SHARKPROJECT SWITZERLAND has been active throughout Switzerland, promoting the protection of sharks and the world’s oceans since 2006. The team that started off small, reorganised in 2014 and is now busy seeking active members to support it as it goes from strength to strength.

We want to pass on our knowledge

SHARKPROJECT’s main goal is to inform people about the grievous state of the world’s oceans, and to overcome their fear of sharks. We want to show them why it is so important to protect both these majestic animals and their environment. Even in the landlocked Switzerland we realise that there is a lot to be done. Medications and cosmetics containing shark extracts are, unfortunately, still available for purchase, and shark meat is still on the menu of certain restaurants.

We are available for informative presentations at company events, in front of your class, at your society event or at a trade fair. We are also often found at our info stand at exhibits and movie screenings. We know very well that people only protect what they know and, as such, it is our goal to teach them as much as we can about sharks, in the hope that they join us in our cause.

This is how you can help us and sharks

We regularly need assistants and speakers for events, projects or presentations. If you can work with us on an honorary basis, or lend a helping hand then we would be thrilled to hear from you.

Any donations or sponsorships are naturally also gladly accepted. All info’s regarding the ways in which you can help SHARKPROJECT are available here:

Sharkproject Switzerland

CH 8000 Zürich

Telefon +41 44 3115941
E-Mail: switzerland(at)


National board Switzerland

Chairperson: Denise Smolinsky
Vice Chair: Britta Baur
Board Member: Anke Apelt
Board Member: Andreas Schwitter

The board of directors, as well as all volunteers work in an honorary capacity and are committed to ensuring that all donations given for the protection of sharks and the marine ecosystem are used solely for that purpose.

We thank you for your support!

Become a member

SHARKPROJECT reorganised in 2014 and is now accessible to members. For just CHF 50,- a calendar year you can become a member and take an active part in supporting campaigns, ensuring that the organisation gains influence, and enabling us to educate even more people.

Sign up online and you will be entitled to participate in the general meetings with the right to elect and vote. You will also receive regular newsletters filled with information on our projects and exciting insights into the world of sharks.

We would be delighted to hear from you!

News from the BLOG (in German)

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