Along with our own overseas organisations and our Sharkproject embassies, we have developed close links with other marine protection organisations around the world. The focus here is on joint projects, research and/or support for national actions.

Whether we are working with HEPCA in Egypt to create the world’s first underwater monument, with Marine & Coastal Management in South Africa to stage a submarine expedition or with PRETOMA in Costa Rica to place a full-page advertisement in the largest national newspaper – shark protection is always the main focus of all our cooperative ventures.

SHARKPROJECT is a member of Hailife [Shark Life], an association of nature conservation organisations, Greenpeace supports our work by providing us with film material and we are in regular contact with many other nature conservation organisations such as WILDAID.


HEPCA is an internationally recognized NGO specializing in the field of marine and land conservation. We were founded in 1992 by 12 representatives of the diving community in response to serious environmental threats affecting the Red Sea’s delicate

PRETOMA is a Costa Rican non-profit NGO founded in 1997. We are a marine conservation and research organization working to protect ocean resources and promote sustainable fisheries policies in Costa Rica and Central America.

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