Nominated and selected by the members of SHARKPROJECT for their life work and their dedication to the shark.

Andrew F. Cobb
South African shark protector, Ambassador for Sharkproject SA

Andrew F. Cobb has won many international awards for his work on shark protection, including the SHARKPROJECT special award. He fights tirelessly in South Africa to prevent the capture and extinction of sharks.


Kurt Amsler
World famous underwater photographer, journalist and diver

Kurt Amsler has won over 100 awards in international photo competitions and one world championship title. His countless articles in specialist publications as well as notable magazines and newspapers around the world have brought readers closer to the underwater world. Also heavily involved in SOS Sea Turtles, Project AWARE, ASMS.

Wolf Snyckers ( 2019)
Head of Boleng Adventures, Johannesburg, South Africa

Without Wolf Snykers much of our work in South Africa would not have been possible. He constantly achieves motivation and activity in the right places in order to promote shark protection in South Africa. His voluntary dedication and his commitment are exemplary.


In Memoriam

Prof. Dr. Hans Hass (* 1919- 2013)
Lotte Hass (* 1928- 2015)

Diving pioneer and the most dedicated shark protector we know

The programmes made by Prof. Hass and his wife Lotte introduced many people to the world that exists below the surface of the ocean. Both were fighting for the preservation of that underwater world and for a new understanding of sharks.


The panel of experts at SHARKPROJECT covers many industries and a range of specialist knowledge. What they all have in common is their voluntary dedication and a genuine commitment to the issue of shark protection.



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