30_7germanyIn September 2008 – exactly 6 years after the start of SHARKPROJECT– the national organisation SHARKPROJECT Germany was founded. Its aim was and continues to be the translation of international activities into national campaigns and promotions. It also runs its own actions and activities, which are aimed at reinforcing and multiplying the key SHARKPROJECT themes of “shark protection and the protection of the marine ecosystem” in Germany. We launched the first major campaign in January 2009 at the Düsseldorf trade fair “BOOT” with “Morituri te Salutant”.

“We should not always look to the Far East to find those responsible for the extinction of sharks.”

We should not always look to the Far East to find those responsible for the extinction of sharks. While we can still find ‘Schillerlocken’ and ‘Seeaal’ (both referring to the spiny dogfish) and shark steaks (blue shark or porbeagle) in many shops and restaurants, and so long as European nations still fish for sharks on a colossal scale, we are just as guilty as opulent Asians when it comes to the extinction of sharks if we do nothing about it.

We must therefore start by putting our own house in order. We want to do everything we can in German politics and with German consumers to mobilise a critical mass in order to make a last ditch attempt to save the oceans.

IUCN Member | Logo (c) IUCN

IUCN Member | Logo (c) IUCN

Focussed on Germany we nevertheless are networking internationally. Sharkproject Germany has been a full member of the IUCN since 2017 – as the only German specialised organization for shark conservation within more than a thousand members of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) that edits, among other things, the respected Red List of Endangered Species.

We appreciate to hear from you and your ideas as well as we thank for your support!

President: Friederike Kremer-Obrock
Vice-President: Heiner Endemann
Vice-President: Meik Obrock
Treasurer: Sabine Endemann

Mail: germany(at)sharkproject.org