The national organisation, SHARKPROJECT Germany e.V. was formed as a registered association in September 2008, exactly 6 years after the founding of SHARKPROJECT e.V. – Their focus lies in taking international activities and implementing them in local campaigns and actions. There are, in addition, numerous campaigns and activities which take SHARKPROJECTS’s central themes of “shark protection and the conservation of the marine ecosystems” and present them in a more in-depth and varied form.

SHARKPROJECT Germany started their first big campaign, „Morituri te Salutant“,  in January 2009 at the Düsseldorf “Boot” Expo.

When we look for those responsible for the extermination of sharks, we do not need to look as far as the Middle East

As long as German restaurants and shops continue to offer “Schillerlocken”(dogfish), sea eel (dogfish) and shark steaks (blue shark or porbeagle), and as long as European countries continue to extract sharks from the seas in such endless numbers, and we don’t do anything to prevent it, we will be just as guilty of eradicating sharks as the luxury obsessed Asians.

We therefore first need to get our own house in order. We need to use all means at our disposal to mobilise the German politicians and the German consumers if we are to have a chance, in the last second, of saving our seas.

IUCN Member | Logo (c) IUCN

IUCN Member | Logo (c) IUCN

We also have a strong international network: We are, as of 2017, full members of the IUCN (among over one thousand members we are the only German speaking non-profit dedicated to shark protection). The IUCN is a global nature conservation organisation who, among many other activities, also issue the internationally respected Red List of Threatened Species.

You can find more information on what we do and how you can help us on our website, or via email. We would be thrilled to hear your ideas or for any support.

Sharkproject Germany e. V.

Initiative zum Schutz der Haie und der marinen Ökosysteme

Ottostraße 13
63150 Heusenstamm

Telefon: +49 6104 670984
E-Mail: germany(at)

National Executive Committee

Chairperson: Petra Schwerdtfeger
Vice Chair: Jasmin Finger
Vice Chair: Juliane Höfler a.i.
Treasurer: Chantal Stockmann

Mail: germany(at)

The board of directors, as well as all volunteers work in an honorary capacity and are committed to ensuring that all donations given for the protection of sharks and the marine ecosystem are used solely for that purpose.

We thank you for your support!

This is how you can help us and sharks

We regularly need assistants and speakers for events, projects or presentations. If you can work with us on an honorary basis, or lend a helping hand then we would be thrilled to hear from you.

Any donations or sponsorships are naturally also gladly accepted. All infos regarding the ways in which you can help SHARKPROJECT are available here:

News from the BLOG (in German)

Sustainable fishing and finning – reality of the MSC label

(c) F. Kremer-Obrock / Sharkproject

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) claims to be committed to ensuring that shark finning cannot take place in any fisheries certified as sustainable. The MSC's policy with regard to finning is clear in wording and in placing the responsibility in

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Sharkproject in Egypt: What’s next for the Brother Islands?

Foto: Michael Weberberger

Until a few months ago, it was believed that shark attacks in the Red Sea solely affect swimmers and snorkelers. In November 2018, however, Hurghada Environmental and Conservation Association (HEPCA) received 3 notifications on non-fatal injuries of divers in the

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