Founded in 2002, SHARKPROJECT now counts as one of the largest and most influential organisations in the world.

Team spirit, wide-ranging communication, never-ending ideas and a great deal of dedication. Our staff still all work on a voluntary basis. Rentals and other overheads are covered by our members, the result of which is that all donations flow directly into the projects without incurring any administrative costs. shark species.

SHARKPROJECT is looking for ways to reach out to the public. Widespread press work throughout all sectors of the media enable us to reach millions of people with our message. That is backed up by one of the world’s largest shark-related websites along with lectures, trade fairs and intensive informational activities wherever there are people who are interested in sharks.

Sharkproject International

SHARKPROJECT International is, as the umbrella organisation, responsible for conceptualising, coordinating and carrying out of the SHARKPROJECT global campaigns and activities. In Germany, the seat of the organisation, we are a recognised charitable organisation.

Their work is supported by the three inland organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as our ambassadors in Poland and South Africa. They are all primarily responsible for the campaigns in their respective countries. Last, but not least, is the international cooperation with other marine protection organisations.

Members and the executive committee

The sole members of Sharkproject International are the three regional organisations. They put forward representatives, from whom one President and four Vice Presidents are elected. Any and all work undertaken by the members and the committee is, as per the articles of association, performed in an honorary capacity. Neither fees nor expenses are reimbursed.

Transparent Costs

Sharkproject International covers most of the conceptualising and planning of their campaigns and events with their budget and is audited annually by a commissioned tax advisor.

Sharkproject International e.V.

Ottostraße 13
63150 Heusenstamm

Phone: +49 6104 670984
E-Mail: info(at)


President: Alexander Smolinsky
Vice presidents: Christine Gstöttner, Denise Smolinsky-Schatt, Martin Trösch (interim), Nils Kluger (interim)

Mail: info(at)

Representatives of the Countries


Chairperson: Friederike Kremer-Obrock
Vice Chair: Heiner Endemann
Vice Chair: Meik Obrock
Treasurer: Sabine Endemann


Chairperson: Denise Smolinsky
Vice Chair: Britta Baur


Chairperson: Herbert Futterknecht
Vice Chair: Alexander Niedermair
Treasurer: Brigitta Uitz
Secretary: Christine Gstöttner

Project Leaders International

School Program: Dieter Hahn, Jochen Pfister
Azores Campaign: *
Great White Mystery Project: Herbert und Gabriela Futterknecht
Spain: *
MSC: Dr. Iris Ziegler
SharkAwards: Dr. Iris Ziegler
HandsOff: Christine Gstöttner
Press Spokesman: Nils Kluger
Corporate Identity & Admin: Christine Staacks

*more information soon