internationalFounded in 2002, the organisation has now become the most active and influential in the world.


Wide-ranging communication, plenty of ideas and a great deal of dedication. To date everyone working for Sharkproject has given their time voluntarily. Rents and office costs are covered by the members themselves, so that all donations go straight to the projects instead of being used for administrative expenses.

Sharkproject needs publicity. Through our comprehensive press coverage across the entire media landscape we are now getting our message across to millions of people. That is backed up by one of the world’s largest shark-related websites along with lectures, trade fairs and intensive informational activities wherever there are people who are interested in sharks.

Sharkproject International

logo_sharkproject_contentSharkproject International is the global umbrella organisation responsible for the concept, coordination and implementation of the worldwide Sharkproject campaigns and activities. In Germany, where the organisation is based, it is a registered charity.

It is supported in its work by the regional organisations of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as its embassies in Poland and South Africa, which take on most of the responsibility for actions in their own countries. It also operates international cooperations with other marine protection organisations such as Pretoma in Costa Rica and many more.

Members and Executive Committee

The only members of Sharkproject International are the regional organisations; they elect the President and four Vice Presidents out of the country representatives.

In line with its constitution all the work of the members and the executive committee is purely voluntary. No expenses or fees are paid.

Transparent costs

Sharkproject International, which designs and implements most of the campaigns and actions through its budget, is given an annual audit by an authorised tax advisor.

Sharkproject International E.V.
President: Alexander Smolinsky
Vize-Presidents: Christine Gstöttner, Heiner Endemann, Meik Obrock, Denise Smolinsky-Schatt

Mail: international(a)

Country representatives


Friederike Kremer-Obrock
Heiner Endemann
Meik Obrock


Alexander Smolinsky
Denise Smolinsky
Simone Gori


Elke Harzhauser
Brigitta Uitz
Edith Altrichter


Schoolprogramm | Simone Grimm
Azoren-Campign | Friederike Kremer-Obrock
Project: Great White Mystery | Herbert  und Gabriela Futterknecht
SharkAwards | Heiner Endemann
StopFinning | Gerhard Wegner
HandsOff | Christine Gstöttner

Press| Wolfram Koch
Corporate Identity & Admin | Christine Staacks


Sharkproject GmbH as in-house publisher

Sharkproject International has a 100% subsidiary Sharkproject Merchandising & Production GmbH, whose primary role is to publish its own publications.
The publishing company finances the publications. Any profits go straight to the main charity.
A members’ decision ruled that the Managing Director of the publishing company is identical to the President and is therefore only permitted to serve on a voluntary basis.