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eMagazine in Portuguese on the Azores – Schools Programme and Newspaper Campaign, Cooperation with AOMA


SHARKPROJECT don’t give up on the Azores!

Already as from March an new newspaper campaign has taken flight: Our adverts (in Portuguese) appear regularly in two newspapers. In the adverts there is a link to our website with the most important information on shark fishing in the Azores in Portuguese:




This is all happening in cooperation with the newly founded organisation AOMA (Associacao dos Operadores de Mergulho dos Acores) and their president Paulo Reis. Paulo lives and works on the island of Santa Maria and is one of the most experienced divers and diving centre owners on the Azores. He has been a keen supporter of SHARKPROJECT right from beginning, so we are especially pleased to be able to work closely with him.

Another crucial supporter to our side is Nuno Sa, the world famous nature photographer and journalist. He too will work with us on the ads and newspaper articles for Sharkproject and the AOMA against shark fishing on the Azores. We are thrilled about this!

Both Paulo and Nuno are bursting with ideas about how we can protect the sharks of Azores in the future.

Wulf Köhler, also an experienced professional diver, who has lived on San Miguel for many years with his wife Dagmar, coordinates all this on the spot.

We’d like to thank all thress of them and their organizations for their tremendous support and efforts on the front-line!



Another aspect of our campaign is to be named (and will become a topic soon): Our SHARKPROJECT schools programme has been delivered to our supporters, various teachers, government and school representatives and will soon be taught in primary schools on the Azores.

Of course we will as well continue to observe the shark landings on Horta/Faial which are sadly still going on. The main concern is whether the now stricter EU-directives are being obeyed. We won’t give up here either. We will keep you informed.

Our Project-Leaders on the Azores are Friederike and Meik Obrock