This campaign, started back in 2005, opposed the trade in shark projects, especially in German speaking countries but also worldwide. The campaign was based on explaining to dealers and customers about the risks posed to the sharks and the methyl mercury content in shark meat.

Alongside other companies, Lidl discount stores, Handelshof distributors and Nordsee fish specialists have now stopped selling any shark products.

Morituri te salutant to 2012

The focus of this campaign was the spiny dogfish, which served as a symbol for all extremely threatened shark species. It is rather an unremarkable shark, but it can still be found in chillers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the form of ‘Schillerlocke’ or ‘Seeaal’. Studies predict that this shark will be extinct in a few years time. Greenpeace and WWF have placed it on the endangered list of their fish guide and the spiny dogfish has been on the IUCN Red List of endangered species for many years. In addition to the ecological disaster, the meat of the spiny dogfish has been proved to be high in toxins.

Haitanic (ongoing)

Mobile exhibition.

Hands Off bis 2013

Hands off when diving with sharks! This information campaign explained the right way to behave on a shark dive.


Sharkimages 2008

The winner of the first international photographic competition for shark photos “SHARKIMAGES Photo Awards 2008” was announced at 2.40 pm on 18.01. on the show stage at BOOT, Hall 3, as part of the 40th “BOOT” trade fair in Düsseldorf.


SSI Shark Specialist 2007-2010

This led SSI to work together with SHARKPROJECT to take positive action towards improving the image of sharks.


kunst_flosse1Kunst & Flosse (2004)

MARINE LIFE – An exhibition in Vienna and fin auction in cooperation with the Haus des Meeres aquarium


Born to be Wild (2006-2007)

After many months of preparation the time finally came: on 1.10.2006 we launched “BORN TO BE WILD” – the first global campaign aimed at releasing first generation bred sharks into the wild. At the heart of the campaign once again was our clear goal, which has influenced all our work since SHARKPROJECT was first established:

To raise public awareness of the dramatic situation facing sharks today and to create an effective lobby for shark protection!

Sharkproject U-Boot (2006-2008)

Following in the footsteps of Jules Vernes, in September 2006 Sharkproject launched a year-long submarine research expedition studying Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa. The expedition took place under the patronage of the South African Nature Conservation Agency MCM (Marine & Coastal Management). The special feature of the project was that the submarine was made available to all the scientists involved in MCM who were working on research studies related to the Great White Shark.

In October 2007 SOVI – the name given to the Sharkproject submarine – returned to Germany along with over 300 minutes of film and thousands of photographs.

Stop Finning from 2005 (ongoing)

“Finning” is the name given to the practice of cutting off the fin from the shark’s body. All too often the fishermen do not even bother to kill the animal first, but instead cut the highly prized fins from living sharks. The creatures are then thrown overboard, where they sink to the bottom of the sea and die an agonising death.

Sharkmonument (2007)

The world’s first underground monument against the destruction of the oceans was erected in Egypt on 19 October 2007.

A different kind of shark film (2004-2008)

The aim of this project was to counter the false public image of the shark. We used our own professional film productions to make a direct impact on the image of the shark in film and on television.


whiteshark_workbookWhite Shark Workbook (2003-2005)

The idea stemmed from a side effect of our Great White Shark expedition of 2003, which was that we came into contact with other shark boats and were able to see what was happening there. Often all we could do about it was to shake our heads. Some of it was pure sensationalism with no attempt at providing greater understanding of these creatures.


More Projects:

aquaria info panel Fehmarn (2008)
Progamm for schools (2008-2012)
Special Shark Experience (2006)
Junior-Club (2008)
Junior-Sharkresearcherr, in Cooperation with Sealife Berlin, Basel (2011)
Lidl-Campaign (2004)
Alibaba-Campaign (2006)
CampaignSmile Back (2006)
Campaign Killerlocke (2012)
Shark-free zone, Germany (2012)
Interactive Shark DVD, mit Quiz  (2010)
Multimediatour (seit 2002)
Sharkjournal Print (2007-2011)

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