Adi Huber präsentiert ein Plakat in Form eines Hais
Adi Huber präsentiert ein Plakat in Form eines Hais

Eleven at one stroke

11. May, 2023

Fulminant school lecture

An extremely successful school lecture for an entire elementary school in Innsbruck city center was delivered by our new school referent Adi Huber.

Foto des Zeitungsartikels

Successful major lecture

Anyone can start small - but Adi Huber really got going right away. Our new regional director for the Tyrol and Vorarlberg and newly appointed schools referent took on all 11 classes - the equivalent of around 240 students - at the "Innere Stadt" elementary school in Innsbruck.

The 6 to 10 year olds were very engaged when Adi Huber introduced them to the sharks and their characteristics with the help of the Michel song, a short lecture and an open question and answer session.

That the experience was positive on both sides is shown by Adi Huber's letter to the editor, which even made it into the newspaper (see left), as well as the school's feedback sheets, which were almost all A's.

We would also be happy to come to your school!

Our school referents are on the road throughout the D/A/CH area and look forward to hearing from you.

You can do it too?

We are always looking for referents for all age groups from 4-99 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


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