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“Extinct is forever” – the campaign

(c) Herbert Futterknecht

„What’s gone, is gone“

This statement is especially relevant when it comes to nature: Animal species die out.

Sharkproject wants to create awareness for the fact that ‘this, in itself, is wrong’.

The Campaign. Now at SHARKPROJECT.

Nature is a complexly interlinked system, fine-tuned over millions of years. Every building block has a purpose, everything is interrelated and, most importantly, interdependent.

What happens, however, when holes appear for which there are no species able to fill the gap? What if none of the existing species qualify for this piece of the puzzle? What if it takes to long for evolution to kit other species out with the necessary tools? Then, the holes remain – and the entire system starts falling apart.

The great tragedy of the extinction of important species is: once they are gone, there is no turning back. Extinct species cannot be bred back into existence. We cannot tinker away and create sharks – evolution took millions of years to get it right.

Even without the perceptible repercussions for humans: Animals are living creatures on our beautiful planet. No species should become extinct, any species is, for this reason alone, worthy of protection.

Aber auch ohne diese fühlbare Auswirkung für uns Menschen: Tiere sind Lebewesen unseres schönen Planeten und allein deshalb bewahrenswert. Keine Art sollte aussterben, jede Art hat einen eigenen Wert, an und für sich.

This is even more true if extinction happens because humans aren’t prepared to conserve resources. It is, in itself, wrong’.

Because: “Extinct is forever” does not only apply to animals…

It applies just as much to mankind.


All of the campaign, and how Douglas Adams is connected to it: now on our micro page “Extinct is forever”.

Foto: Herbert Futterknecht