A comprehensive shark lexicon for your iPhone or iPad! Over 70 sharks are presented in detail: Spectacular images, scientific classification, common names, identification characteristics, reproduction, prey, distribution ranges incl. GPS connection and special facts.

The shark finder lets you search for shark sightings with the help of the assistant. The full range of shark species in your area can be shown using GPS. There is also an option that allows you to find out which animals can be found at your next holiday destination.

The integrated toxin calculator shows you how much fish consumption is still healthy. Shark products can also be reported straight to Sharkproject via the app. This way you can help us to halt the worldwide trade in shark products.

Lexicon with over 70 sharks and comprehensive information


Distribution ranges with GPS connection

  • Shark Finder – Search for sharks according to specific characteristics
  • Over 140 spectacular shark images, a further 100 spectacular shark images as InApp purchase
  • Seen a shark? Send us your sighting report
  • Toxin calculator – how much fish is really healthy?
  • Stop the trade in shark products. Report any shark products directly via the app.

App for iPhone or iPad: APP-Store.